The Glow Up

Totally in love with this Turtle Neck Top! Keeps the temperature just rightNastyGal

That Floral Dress- Pink Summer

What’s not to LOVE about NastyGal- Lace It Up Floral Mini Dress. Right in time for Summer. Sweet like cotton candy.X


Gimme the Buns, Lime & Shades

NastyGal, Makes the Colour PoP! Unmissable!

Captured by the Sun…

Keeping it cool toned.

Lets Make It Simple but Significant

Wild, Green, Love

Afro-Fantastic- Keeping it Simple &Cute!

Inspired by the Afro?

Scroll to the bottom for some inspirations.

For so long it’s been my goal to grow a healthy Afro!! I feel as though these past years my hair has been growing rapidly. Thanks to my long-time hairdresser and favourite hair products.
Some of my all time favourite product’s – Herbal Oil which is freaking amazing, the oil can be used for hair, skin and cooking but in my hair it made a huge difference. My hair used to fall off and became dry quick but since I started using Herbal oil my hair become stronger, thicker and healthy.
My other product would be Blue Magic coconut oil!!! Yassssssss…. I’ve been using Blue Magic for years and it hasn’t failed me! Yet! Ahah. I usually use it when I’m going to bed, I twist my hair and then massage my scalp to get the circulation going. Before I sleep I wrap my hair in scarf to avoid the twist coming out and to keep the moisture in.


  • Moisture – keeping your Afro well-nourished and moisturised will help to enhance the shine and the growth which were craving for!
  • You got to Wrap it if you want to Grow it! – Even if your tired, just think about your end goal and twist that hair and wrap it, trust me you will thank me later!
  • Say no to Heat – Try your hardest to avoid heat, because it ain’t your friend.
  • Snip it – Trimming the ends will help it grow faster, only when it’s needed though.
  • Know what products work for you! – If the product is doing more damage quickly toss it in the bin. Always look out for natural ingredients like argon, avocado oil, coconut oil, herbal oil.
  • Comb correctly– Wide-tooth comb are usually the best for Afro instead of small one, which may break or cause you damage! Try and avoid touching your regularly as well, put it into protective hairstyle and go Chase Your Dreams Girl!!!!! X

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