5 Ways to Clear Your Mind Before Bed

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Benjamin Franklin

You can tell a lot about your sleep habits by how you wake up in the morning. When you wake up feeling sluggish, deprived of sleep and fearful of the day to come, your body is communicating with you that maybe developing some positive sleeping habits might improve how you begin each day and your ability to settle at night.

There are just those days where you feel sluggish and want a (me) day which is okay, it’s important to have those days to reflect, shut off from the world and to be one with ourselves.

While it might be easier said than done, taking charge of your sleeping habits is possible.

Here are some tips to start making yourself feel cozy at night and wake up full of energy, or even just waking up not feeling like you want to jump back in bed.

Journaling Before Bed

If you haven’t journaled before than this might be difficult at the beginning but with time it won’t even be a task it will become so normal that not doing it will feel like you haven’t brushed your teeth!

Setting aside 10 minutes to journal before bed can help you get to sleep better and wake up feeling good this is because before you slept you put yourself in a positive state of mind.

When journaling it’s important to think about all the good things that happened throughout the day, think about the people you met or if you learned something new on that day. Write at least 5 things you’re grateful for, from your warm, comfy bed to having a roof over your head. There are so many amazing things around you to be grateful for and by showing gratitude to what we already hold we can only invite more positive experiences into our lives.

Read Inspirational Books

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

Charles W. Eliot

It’s important that you choose your books carefully, you don’t want to read a homicide an hour before bed. As this is only going to end as a nightmare and disturb your sleep. And we don’t need that…

I suggest reading books that inspire you, that encourage you to pursue your dreams. Books like these will not only make you feel good, they will also play a vital role in reprogramming your mind for the good.

My favourite books include The Good Vibes, Bible, Vincent Norman on The Power of Positive Thinking. But there’s plenty of books out there that you can fall in love with and it doesn’t even have to a inspirational it could be a love story, drama, comedy just not homicide! Find something that enchances your imagination, that teaches you something new to stimulate the brain and you get you excited to share what you’ve discovered in these books.

Focus on Your Breathing

Before you go to bed, spend five minutes focusing on your breathing. To do so, close your eyes and exhale deeply. This can be taken further by using your imagination. 

By using your imagination, you are not only able to drift off to an awesome sleep, but you are also able to tap into the law of attraction. This allows you to send your intentions out to the universe in which what you give out, you return back to you if your vibration is in line.

Take a Hot Bath

A study found that bathing in water between 104 and 109°F (40 and 43°C) for at least 90 minutes improved sleep quality. (Healthline)

It is not only beneficial to take a hot bath before bed to promote peaceful sleep, but the process of running a hot bath is calming and gives you a spa-like experience. In my opinion, the use of your favorite bath soaps can also make a major difference. In my case, it’s Ritual of Meher, which enchants your mood with a scent of sweet oranges and cedar. It leaves me feeling warm, happy, and calming.

Have a Cup of Decaffeinated Tea Before Bed

Drinking coffee at night may not be the most sensible thing to do. Coffee works wonders when it’s needed and when it’s consumed at least six hours before you go to sleep.

If you’re like me and enjoy a cup of hot beverage before heading to bed, a decaffeinated hot drink will do just that. It will give you the warmth and comfort you need to feel cozy and drift away to sleep.

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.


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