The benefits of keeping a journal

In my experience, journaling is so therapeutic. It allows you to keep a record of what matters most in your life. So that one day, you can share those precious memories with your loved ones and remind yourself of the great times you had.   

There are a wide variety of inspirational journals out there that will encourage you to take control of your life. These journals include everything from travel journals to gratitude journals to prayer journals. When I was a kid, I kept journals. I definitely don’t remember writing anything meaningful at that time, just mostly about boys and who I wanted to date each month and what happened at school.

Now that I have matured, I definitely see the benefits of keeping a journal. In a world that feels chaotic, journaling has helped me to stay calm, reconnect with my mind, body, and soul. I believe journaling is just as important as getting out of bed in the morning and brushing your teeth. 

Why You Should Journal

  • It programes your mind for success
  • It helps with stress and anxiety
  • It allows you to escape fromt he chaoes of the world
  • It’s a great way to capture some amazing moments you will treasure
  • You can look back in a few months, years and see how far you’ve come
  • It changes your mood, which is good for your body and attracting what you want

The Five Minutes Journal

As a result of finding the fiveminutesjournal by Intellegent Change, I have been able to stay on top of my journal and get in the right mindset for starting and ending my day. This journal is so motivating for me because I have gone through journals where they are plain and I get bored after a while. The five minutes journal is pleasant to look at, has a lot of words of wisdom and encourages you to keep going, which is a thing I really appreciate.